Casa De Korah was born out of a desire to integrate the beauty of traditional Indian textiles into the modern global home. We work directly with artisans and co-ops to curate unique designs that tell stories of craftsmanship and culture. We are passionate about products that are handmade, sustainable and made in small batches!

Giving back to the community is ‘woven’ into our business! By buying our products, you are not only supporting our small shop, but also joining us in making an impactful change to communities around us. 10% of all our profits will be shared with relevant charitable organizations and nonprofits around the world.


Casa de Korah is a female operated business, specializing in making timeless, yet trendy decorative home decor. Our store is a treasure trove of products that tell tales of age old textile weaving techniques practiced in rural India. In an age where everything is mass produced and machine made, our products bear that unique artisanal mark of exclusivity and make your home as unique as you!

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